Find Your Fans. Unfurl Your Creativity. Watch Your Business Bloom.

You're already inspired—now, it's time to GET. IT. DONE.

Maybe you're tired of watching other people run with your ideas and wishing you had made the first move. Maybe you've seen some success and then plateaued. Or maybe you just don't know where to begin. At The Hello Sessions, we won't just teach you what you need to know to move forward; we'll give you a running start with hands-on activities that will leave you feeling confident in your ability to pick things up when you get home. 

Make your business legit and poised for growth. Create videos that trigger massive shares. Find not just new clients, but the perfect clients with social media. Are you ready to see your creative business thrive?

"I had an incredible time and learned A TON. I feel so inspired and motivated to get out of my own way and become fully self-employed. Thank you for hosting such an incredible event and giving me confidence!"  - Sarah Meranda, Florapothecary

"the hello sessions is a new blog conference that i hope was the first of many because joy and melissa did such a great job with it!" - Molly Yeh, my name is yeh

"My biggest takeaway? That there are actually movers and shakers who are willing to to take a moment to help others move and shake, too. It was just such a supportive environment!" - Meg Conley