We decided to launch The Hello Sessions because we wanted to create a warm, inspiring space for creative people to get their hands dirty while learning the skills they most wanted to develop. In 2015, the conference we'd spent two years dreaming up came into being and it was more wonderful than anything we could have expected. So we're doing it again in 2016!

Our speakers, sponsors, and Hello Helpers contributed in enormous ways to the success of this year's event. We always say that The Hello Sessions was built on friendship, and as we move ahead with future events we're looking forward to more of the same. 

What Are The Hello Sessions?

The Hello Sessions is a one-day, workshop-based conference, which takes place in our favorite city, Portland, OR. We like to keep things intimate, which fosters more interaction in our workshops and throughout our events. That means we only have 100 seats in total. (Get on our email list if you want first dibs!)

Where have we met before?

Melissa Bahen is the author of the blog Lulu The Baker, and she also writes for Julep and Better Homes and Gardens. Her book Scandinavian Gatherings will be published by Sasquatch Books in September 2016 (just days before The Hello Sessions 2016!). She lives just outside of Eugene, OR with her husband and their four children. 

Joy Uyeno is the voice behind the blog Frock Files, but today you can find most of her writing on The Hello Sessions' blog. She's also the social media manager at Bentley University. She's originally from Hawaii, spent two glorious years in Portland, OR, and currently lives on the North Shore of Massachusetts with her husband and their dog. 

It's also possible that you've run into us in one of these fabulous places: