Thank You + Plans for Next Time

Exactly a week ago, we were at Schoolhouse Electric, mingling with friends old and new as we kicked off The Hello Sessions in style! We can hardly believe that a full week has passed since then. 

The conference was everything we could have hoped for and more. We knew Tiffany Han would rock her keynote, but little did we know that the reverberations of her advice about being women who support other women would permeate every second of the day. We loved seeing new friendships forming, and the best compliment we could have received was that everyone, no matter the size of their audience, felt welcomed and comfortable. Goal: accomplished. 

We also really wanted people to develop new tools, and to come away with new skills to put to use for the future. After the first set of workshops, our friend and workshop speaker Lisa Congdon let us know that Chris Gardener's workshop on building an editorial calendar had sparked all kinds of ideas on how she and her wife, Clay, can organize their business over the next year. I'm pretty sure that's the point at which my heart stopped beating out of my chest with panic. 


Some of you probably thought we were being cheeky when we said that we didn't know if The Hello Sessions would happen again. We weren't. But after spending time in Portland with some of our favorite people, and seeing attendees come away with new friendships and new skills, there really wasn't a question. It wasn't perfect, and we learned a lot of hard lessons, but it was pretty incredible because of the amazing group of people who were there. Melissa and I didn't even have a "should we do this again?" conversation. Instead, the first post-conference conversation we had was about dates, location, and speakers.  

We might be crazy, but it looks like we've jumped right back on the carousel. 

To everyone who came to the conference: thank you. To our INCREDIBLE Hello Helpers who saw us through all of the behind-the-scenes debacles: you rock our world and we owe you big time. To our speakers: you are very much the reason this conference happened at all and we are so grateful. And to everyone else who has supported us from near or far: we love you. 

Check out the photo albums from the Schoolhouse Electric kickoff party and The Hello Sessions on Facebook, and please feel free to share them on your blogs and social media accounts--but don't forget to credit our amazing photographer, Linnea Paulina. 

We'll keep this inspiration train going with recap posts and more information on how to keep your creative business thriving. And, as we know more about next year's conference, we'll share it with you. 

Joy and Melissa