You've got mail (the good kind)

When I was a little girl, I had a pen pal in England named Gemma. We sent puffy packages to each other across the globe--pictures, jewelry, snacks, and letters that criss crossed over oceans and one very big continent. Those letters changed the course of my life. They're the reason that I arrived at Heathrow at age nineteen, where Gemma was waiting to whisk me away to a new part of my life, and of myself. It's safe to say that snail mail has always been my preferred method of written communication.

So I get excited about checking the mail every day of the year, but I especially love it in this month leading up to Christmas. Like many of you, our usual stack of catalogues and credit card offers becomes outnumbered by holiday cards sent from all over the world. Whenever I see a handwritten address or a brightly colored envelope, a little bit of sunshine comes out and warms my soul. 

James and I usually have our picture taken during our anniversary trip to Vermont, since our elopement photographer gifts all of her clients free annual photo shoots. But this year, I was in Portland for The Hello Sessions and didn't have any vacation time left to take our trip. I was kind of bummed about doing a non-photo card but then felt about a million times better when I saw the ones that Minted has in their lineup this year. So excited, in fact, that my cards are already printed, addressed, stamped, and waiting to be mailed. 

To check out the card we decided on, visit our Instagram feed. And if you aren't quite the eager beaver that I am, don't worry--there's still plenty of time! In fact, Minted is offering 15% off of their cards using code BF2015. (Spend $150 and you'll get 20% off using the same code.) 

We hope you had a delicious and happy Thanksgiving! We can't wait to see the awesome mail you send and receive in the next few weeks. 

Let's rock the end of the year together! 

Joy (with love from Melissa, too!)

Minted sent me credit for this post, which arrived in the form of these awesome cards. Thanks for supporting the brands that support The Hello Sessions!