Get SMART about your goals

Last week, I started listening to the new podcast, "Millennial," which new grad Megan Tan created to document her quest to do work she loves in her 20s. It's beautifully produced, and I'm intrigued because I see her going through the same things I went through--things I'm still going through. 

She decides to make a podcast, but four months later she's staring at hours upon hours of recordings--and she doesn't know where to begin. It dawns on her that she has to set her own hard deadline, put together an outline, write a script, edit her recordings, record herself, add in the music, edit some more and then, scariest of all, hit publish. 

For many of us, as creative entrepreneurs, it's overwhelming to look at big goals, and it's easy to move deadlines. To actually achieve the things we want to achieve, we need to be stronger bosses...for ourselves. 

That's where SMART goals come into play. SMART goals are:

  • S - specific. This one is a biggie. Rather than saying, "I'm going to pitch my idea to the media," think more concretely. "I'm going to approach Real Simple, BHG, and Apartment Therapy with my home office makeover," helps you to get clear on your path. 
  • M - measureable. There's no way to celebrate your success if you don't know whether you've achieved it! A goal of getting 500 people on your mailing list is far more measurable than a goal of building your email list. 
  • A - achievable. Yes, you want to dream big, but don't try to run before you can walk. Focus on setting achievable goals, and then leveling up the next time. 
  • R - realistic. This is all about setting yourself up for success. The marker for "realistic" will change as you expand and grow. While you may not be ready for the Today show right now, you MIGHT be ready for your local morning news show. Get a few under your belt, and move up from there. 
  • T - Hmm...we're revealing this one tomorrow on our Instagram feed. Any guesses? 

The unifying theme of The Hello Sessions is helping you to achieve your goals. We know you want to get somewhere beyond the place you're at right now. You want MORE--more skills, more business, more exposure. It may be a matter of putting on your bossy pants and sitting down with yourself each week to see if your goals are living up to the SMART standard.

Next week, we're all about social media. And guys, I have a lot to share--I've been on a learning SPREE after moving from managing a non-profit social media presence to a traditional business one. Can't wait to spill! 

Great big high fives,
Joy, Melissa, and The Hello Sessions Team