Getting over jealousy

Way back when I was just a couple of months into blogging, I was filled with jealousy. Everywhere I looked, other bloggers had thousands of fans, they were getting sponsorships left and right, and they all seemed to have boyfriends or husbands who were professional photographers. How was I supposed to make a statement with my handful of followers and limited budget? 

The key to turning off my green eyed monster slowly emerged as I began developing relationships with other bloggers. As my community grew, I came to realize that my friends were dealing with the exact same things! And every time we learned something new, we'd share the information around. 

The bottom line: jealousy is no foe when you have an awesome community of people who truly want you to succeed! 

Here are a few of our favorite tips for stopping jealousy in its tracks:

Ask yourself, "Why not me?" 

Is someone else doing something you truly want to do? Are you feeling jealous because, say, YOU want to write a book? Remember that there isn't some finite number of books that can be written. (Or whatever your jealousy inducing thing may be.) Open yourself up to the possibility that you can do something great, too! 

Choose a starting point, then take action.

Of course, books (and blogs) don't write themselves. Podcasts don't record themselves. Conferences don't plan themselves (we know this all too well!). So get out a piece of paper, sit down at a cafe, and break it down into pieces. As our friend PJ explains, this process of getting going=keeping your eyes on your own work. You'll be too focused on your projects to worry very much about what everyone else is doing. 


Remember where you started.

The problem with envy is that it'll continue to follow you around even after you've achieved your goals and gained success. Take stock of how far you've come, what you've learned, and great things you've achieved. (Because you HAVE achieved great things!) 


Let others support you.

Last week, MJ took over our IG feed and you guys loved the print she created, which says, "I am not interested in competing. I hope we all win." The Hello Sessions has come together only because of the support of our friends--those who agreed to speak, the ones who are helping at the event, everyone who's promoted on our behalf, and those who have given us great advice. When people are that supportive, it's really hard to be envious of them. Our hearts are too full of love and gratitude! 

Speaking of amazing friends, we had the tremendous honor of being on our friend Tiffany Han's podcast, "Raise Your Hand. Say Yes," this week. We had so much fun talking about how The Hello Sessions came to be, how we work together (and still love each other--possibly even more!), and what our hopes and dreams are for everyone who comes to the conference. And definitely check out the previous episode with Emily McDowell, in which she talks about the value of being DIFFERENT. So good!