Who's holding you accountable? (It's not you!)

Every day at 11am, my co-workers and I gather in a large office, turn on some music, take off our shoes, and get on the floor to plank for anywhere between two to four minutes. While we're faithful to our little ritual--we even schedule meetings around it, if we can--we all fell off the wagon when the university closed over the holidays, despite the fact that our calendar reminders continued to pop up daily!

Having someone (or several someones) around to keep you accountable is so important for most of us. Speaking of which--hint hint--how are those resolutions going now that we're heading into February? If you need some help sticking to a plan that will help you achieve your goals, here are some ways to hold yourself accountable--either solo or with some help:

Download the StickK app: Set a goal and put a certain amount of money on the line, which you can keep if you accomplish your goal, or which will be donated to the charity of your choice if you don't. Lots of people advocate for designating that your donation go to a charity you don't really believe in so that you're more motivated to keep the money. We say: whatever works! 

Meet regularly with a friend: This is something Melissa and I do to keep ourselves accountable for every little piece of puzzle that is The Hello Sessions. There are definitely weeks where life takes over and I realize that I haven't tackled things on my to do list until the day before--but there's always that deadline to light a fire under my butt! As an obliger, this one is a biggie. 

Create consequences and rewards: During winter break, there really was no consequence to opting to lounge on the couch rather than do my three minute plank--no immediate consequence, anyway. (Long term: hello, jiggly abs!). The StickK app reinforces consequences, but you can also come up with your own. No planking this week? Then I'm going to have to go to that arms and abs class this weekend (ugh). Planking for five days straight? Manicure time! 

Let everyone know. Post your goals to Instagram and update everyone regularly on how things are going. Announcing your goals publicly is always helpful--the consequence being that giving up is kind of embarrassing once you've stated your intentions. 

Are you working toward a goal right now? Let us know what they are by tagging us with #HelloGoals on Instagram. We'd love to know what you're up to!