Where We're Having The Hello Sessions 2016

May is the month when we'll be revealing all the details about The Hello Sessions 2016! We've been working on this year's event literally since the day after last year's, so we're excited that we'll finally get to share all the exciting things we have in store. 

THS 2016 was crafted around the feedback we got from all of you who came last year. You told us that you loved the workshops but wanted something smaller, more intimate, where you could move from one workshop to another with the same group of people. You were also very clear on what you wanted to learn about. It's so fulfilling to create something just for you!

First things first, we had to find the perfect space. Our needs: 

  • Plenty of Instagram-worthy lighting
  • Located in a convenient Portland spot
  • Lots of potential to make it our own

We looked high and low, and in the end the place that stole our hearts was The Ace Hotel's event space The Cleaners! With its location in the heart of The Pearl District, its huge windows, and its pitch perfect vibe, we knew immediately that this was the perfect place for all of us to gather this year. 

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more info on THS 2016!