Announcing our keynote speaker! (Also, when you can get your ticket.)

One of the things that sets The Hello Sessions apart is that, by some unspoken agreement, everyone checks their ego at the door. Attendees who had just started blogging and successful longtime bloggers made authentic connections and even learned from each other. It is, in our eyes, the single best thing about our community. 

Last year, after our first round of sessions, I knew that things were going well when artist, author, and veteran blogger Lisa Congdon came up to me and said that Chris Gardener's workshop (on creating an editorial calendar) had given her so many ideas about how she could approach blogging. 

Lisa's humbleness and humility are core to her success and her ability to continuously evolve in all facets of her life and business. From day one, we have wanted The Hello Sessions to grow with you, and as we thought about our second year, we could think of no better guide to authentic, soul-deepening growth than Lisa Congdon. 

We are thrilled that Lisa will be opening up the sessions on October 7, 2016 as our keynote speaker! For everyone in attendance, it's going to be a moment that sets the tone of the day; one that prepares us for learning, friendship, and forward momentum. We can't wait. 

Lots of love,
Joy (and Melissa + The Hello Sessions Team)

P.S. Tickets will go on sale June 15, 2016! Learn more here