If you're following us on Instagram, you may have seen last week's post with my favorite quote from Maya Angelou (above).

With the terrible violence that we're seeing close to home and abroad, to people we know and to faraway people who are more like us than we'll ever know, it's easy to feel helpless and very small. But it's in the smallest gestures of kindness and love that we can begin to see change happen.

Each time we choose to treat each other as humans rather than the stereotypes or caricatures that have somehow eaten into our culture, we make a contribution into the richness of our futures and the futures of our children. 

Every person you encounter has a story living within them that is all their own. We owe it to ourselves to take the time to learn as many of those stories as we can. Listen more; speak less. 

For everyone who feels helpless, we want to cultivate empowerment through random acts of kindness and we want you to join in. 

We challenge you to perform an act of kindness and post about it on Instagram with the hashtag #HelloKindness. If you aren't sure where to begin, check out our friend Anna's blog post with 134 Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness from her blog And Then We Saved. We can't wait to see what you post. 

We know that this doesn't begin to address the unfairness in the world that leads to this kind of violence. But maybe, in the tiniest way, our acts of kindness will put a little light into someone's day. And in the darkness, even the smallest ray of light can go a long way.