Wish we were neighbors

A couple of weeks ago, I traveled to Denver to speak at a conference and I got a chance to catch up with three friends I wish I could see more often, including Jayme (of the Saveur recognized Holly & Flora) and Heather (official Hello Helper and author of the awesome blog The Caterpillar Years). 

With each of these friends, it was easy to fall into conversations we had started months or even years before. We're all at a point in our lives where everything seems to be in flux--moving homes, starting businesses, having kids, traveling the world, new jobs--but it felt as though no time had passed at all. The hours flew by and then we were saying good-bye yet again. 

My go to phrase is, "I wish we were neighbors!" Because, in my fantasy world, I would get to see all the people I love every single day. 

While there's always Skype and Google Hangouts and Facetime--and, hey, let's not forget about the telephone--there's nothing quite like seeing old friends or meeting new ones in person. For example, Melissa and I knew each other before meeting at a conference, but once we had spent time together there and in Oregon, there was a strength in our friendship that felt very real and unbreakable. 

When you spend time learning among people who get you, who understand why you want to chase your crazy big dreams, who want to help you capture them and set them free, it's as though someone has put magic in your wings and suddenly it's just so much easier to take off. 

So come to Portland. For a couple of days, we can be neighbors, and we can help you to take flight.